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As a Podcast Guest

This year I was a guest on two wonderful podcasts!

Mixed Theory with Amber Phoenix - released 6/30/20

We recorded this podcast the week before George Floyd was murdered, so I always thought it was an interesting time capsule. This was a cold interview, we had never met and had to feel our way around each other. But we ended up really vibing, and as she likes to remind me, I went IN! I deeply enjoyed this interview because it felt like the first one since I became a therapist where I've come in humanity first - as a PERSON who has a background in mental health, rather than coming in as a therapist.

The Pour Over with J. Eik Diggs on IG - Season 2 Episode 4, parts 1&2

In our two part conversation, we had a really fruitful and deep discussion around mental health and the complexities of racial identity. J. is a brilliant Black transracial adoptee pursuing a PhD in Heritage Studies in Arizona, and focused this season of her podcast on Black women and therapy. On this one, you may have to follow the page to get access to the interviews.

I'm very proud of these and happy with how they turned out! It will give you a glimpse into who I am.

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