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The name Neither/Both comes from my experience with identity exploration.  As a Mixed-Race child, I never felt Black or White enough, which contributed to an identity wrapped up in not belonging.  As an adult, I traveled half-way across the world to Lagos, Nigeria to meet my father's family and gain a better understand myself.  Expecting to find the completion of my identity, I instead found that I didn't really feel Nigerian, or Black, or White. Exploration brought a sense of understanding and empathy for all the life circumstances that made me who I am. 

-Lola Osunkoya, MA, LPCC

Founder, Neither/Both LLC

What is Complex Identity?

The intersections of race, culture, gender, and sexuality can produce a complex set of needs when they don't fit neatly into the typical binaries.  At Neither/Both LLC, the term complex identity is used to refer to people whose identities don't fit neatly within monoracial groups such as Mixed Race, Multiracial, and Transracial Adoptees, as well as people whose gender and sexual identities expand outside traditional binaries.  Intersecting identities are welcome here!

Mission and Vision

The mission of Neither/Both LLC is to facilitate healing for people with complex identities through expanded knowledge and acceptance of self, improved communication with others, and a deepened sense of belonging.

The vision of Neither/Both LLC is based on its core values:

  • Believing in the integrity of our community - trusting that you are who you say you are

  • Developing a more robust conversation around complex identities

  • Creating inclusive healing spaces

  • Building a sense of belonging