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What is Therapy Like with Lola?

My Style of Practice

I got into this line of work because I think it's an honor to work with my clients on healing and self-discovery. As someone committed to my own self-development practices, I see therapy as an opportunity to learn and grow together.

What sets me apart are my specialties.  It's very important to me to create space to explore complex identities.  In my practice this looks like examining the impact race, culture, gender, and sexuality have on your life.  Sometimes these are the main things you want to talk about in therapy, and sometimes they provide an important context for the other concerns you have.

Before the first session, clients fill out intake paperwork on my client portal - forms that are needed to initiate services as well as to provide mental health, social, and medical history. This paperwork informs the first session, a diagnostic assessment, where I ask follow up questions about the paperwork to get an idea of diagnosis. Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis in order to pay for services. In the field, we also use diagnosis to conceptualize groups of symptoms so we know how to best treat the problems clients are presenting with.  


Sometime during the first and/or second session, we work together to identify what you specifically want to work on in therapy, how we will accomplish that, and what things will look like when you're done. This is called treatment planning.  



I don't have any way I would describe a "typical" session, it varies depending on the client's needs. Therapists have different styles. I do a lot more listening than talking, and I am not a directive person (I will not be telling you what to do).  My strength is in holding space for people to do their work. This means letting you fully articulate your experience, asking clarifying questions, and providing feedback to help you develop insight into the issues you came to work on. I do not provide formal homework between sessions, though we may discuss things you want to think more about or specific coping strategies you may want to practice. Generally clients come in with an idea of what they want to talk about during their session. If they're not sure, I'll refer back to the treatment plan and ask questions about life, work, and relationships until we find something that is fruitful.  


It's entirely subjective how long clients stay in therapy. Some come for just a couple of sessions, if it's not a good fit they move on. Other clients come to work on something specific and stay for a few months.  Many of my clients are long term doing trauma work so it's not uncommon for me to have clients for years.  Ending therapy is a mutual decision, not something I decide for you.

I do not prescribe medications.  I do not have specific referral connections for medication therapies.  I generally refer people to work with their primary doctor for initial evaluation and possible referral to a specialist.  And given my work history at Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness, I often refer to them as they have good prescribing nurse practitioners on staff.  

Fees, Location, and Insurance

My rates are as follows:

$225 Diagnostic Assessment 

$160 Therapy 

The first session is a diagnostic assessment where I gather information about your history and current concerns.  The following sessions are therapy, where address those concerns.

** Currently all sessions are conducted via secure online video until further notice **

Neither/Both LLC is located at:

1710 Douglas Drive

Suite 104

Golden Valley, MN 55422

Just off Hwy 100 and Duluth Street

Accessible by bus routes 14, 755, and 756.

My practice is frequently full - please contact me via email to check availability or wait time.

I accept the following insurance:

Health Partners, Blue Cross, Ucare, Medical Assistance, Hennepin Health, and some Cigna policies. 

I am not in network with other providers at this time.  With other insurances you would pay out of pocket and I can provide you a special insurance receipt that you can submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement.  

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