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I Built it and They Came

A few weeks ago I was visiting some friends, and they asked me about work.

I explained that I joined a group private practice where my caseload is primarily POC and about half Mixed Race. And that yes people come because they have mental health concerns but they also have a place to talk about the (sometimes traumatic) impact race has on their lives and their health with a therapist of color.

And he goes, "So basically you're doing what you've been talking about for the last few years and all your dreams have come true?" It took me a minute to actually affirm that as correct.

Because it doesn't look like I was expecting it to.

Five years ago I set up and registered Neither/Both LLC, envisioning myself in an independent practice. This year, I started marketing my specialty and seeing clients under my LLC. I'm not independent yet, but I am in private practice providing culturally responsive services to Mixed people. I built it and they came. And they continue to keep my waiting list full! The relief on people's faces when they don't have to explain parts of their identity that would baffle other therapists... priceless. And I am 100% sure that I would not have pursued this career, much less the specialty, if I didn't grow up exactly where I was placed. God is amazing.

So as I was leaving, JT asked me if I had made a vision board and manifested this all through law of attraction, which I was obsessed with a couple years ago. I think it was kind of a dig, but yes I sure did. Here's the vision board, created in 2013.

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