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If It's Not Yours, Give it Back.

I created the meditation in this video a few years ago while thinking about internalized oppression with my Mixed Clinicians group. Our brains are so powerful and sometimes when we visualize something, our brains perceive it as actually happening. So I wanted to think of a creative way to pull old beliefs apart. Enjoy the video, the script is also below.

Take a few moments to get comfortable and relaxed.

Breathe in clarity, peace, and rejuvenation.

Breathe out the old, the stale, what no longer serves you.

Cleanse and clear.

You are whole.

There is a pure version of you, untainted by lies, a clean slate.

This is still you. Feel the essence of this you.

This version will help you clarify what’s original to you.

You remain as you originally came to be.

All mistakes can be corrected. All foreign objects can be removed.

Sit with this essence of the pure, original you.

Let this version, this essence, imprint on you with a sign, a signal.

Whatever comes to mind is exactly right.

Make an agreement to be mindful of this sign, this signal.

Notice this sign or signal whenever your true essence wants to pull you back to the truth of who you really are, to the original you.

Notice in front of you an organizational system. It could be a file cabinet, a computer, a series of containers or piles. You are in control of maintaining this system, and you can rearrange it, you can remove items, you can add new wisdom, you can clean and dust some of your items. It is within your power, and it is your responsibility to maintain this organizational system.

Now, allow a memory to emerge that made you aware of how racism has negatively impacted your life and sense of self. Whatever comes to mind is the right thing for today. Notice how this memory impacted your senses - what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, touched. Notice the thoughts and feelings. Try to get a sense of the conflict, and what you believed.

Again, ground into the pure essence of who you are, of who you remain to be.

Hold this memory in front of your organizational system.

Guided by your purest essence, observe the memory begin to separate into what is original to you in contrast to what was taught to you, projected onto you, affirmed by outside systems. Allow the pieces to shift apart. File or place these pieces in the appropriate categories.

Observe the categories from yourself as you originally came to be.

Consider again the content of this memory. Remember what it previously caused you to believe. From your true essence, what would you rather believe instead? About yourself? About life? About the world? About race? You may need to continue thinking about this, but whatever comes up now is exactly right.

Thank your purest self, and again remember your sign or signal. Know that you can return to this place whenever you feel the discomfort of a belief that is not original to you. You have the power and the responsibility to correct the beliefs that no longer serve you.

Begin your transition back to the present moment. Become aware of the sounds in your space. Wiggle your fingers and toes. And when you’re ready, open your eyes.

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