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MidWest Mixed Conference

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

This past summer, MidWest Mixed (MWM) hosted the first MidWest Mixed Conference in the Twin Cities. On August 4th-6th, 2017, artists and community organizers from the Twin Cities hosted the first MidWest Mixed Conference, to explore themes connected to multiracial identities & families with art at the center. It included a screening of the phenomeal film, Mixed Match, and two days of workshops, artistic performances, and speakers.

I was so proud to be part of the organizing team of this incredible event which created space to center Mixed people and Transracial Adoptees! We are planning to host the conference every other year, with some other community building events in the years in-between.

Please take a look at the MidWest Mixed website, which has a gallery showcasing the event. Be sure to add yourself to their mailing list to hear about events as they are announced!

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