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What happens when mixed-race people are frequently told they are not who they know themselves to be? It can cause problems with belonging, guilt and shame, imposter syndrome, isolation, and inauthenticity. Because mixed people often feel harmed and limited by outsider perspectives and judgments, they must develop the skills to define their own identities. This workbook helps mixed people live authentically and represent themselves accurately by practicing courage, learning the skills to explore their history and heritage, and developing language for their self-created narrative.


Lola Osunkoya guides readers through a crash course in:

  • Identity exploration and development

  • Therapeutic framing around belonging and survival skills

  • Theories of change

  • 12 guided self-reflection exercises


Readers will complete this book with a renewed sense of self-acceptance and empowerment!

Multiple Overlapping Truths Ebook - PDF


    You can purchase the ebook from me directly as a PDF on this page. Once payment is received, you can download your ebook immediately on the confirmation page. You will also receive a link to the download in your email confirmation, valid for 30 days. If you need to download after the link expires, please request a new link using the contact form.

    Return Policy: There are no returns or refunds on digital downloads. All sales are final. 

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